Vonage is my current phone company and they make me very happy. If you have broadband to your house you should seriously consider switching to them. We are paying twenty bucks a month for a line, 500 minutes of calling, call display, call answer and any other phone service we might want. They can take your current phone number so you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting a new phone number. If I refer you I get two months free and you get one month free - great for me, maybe not for you since they often have one month free. In any case if you want a referral I’ll email you one.Vonage_logo_new

Vonage have quietly changed their logo from a square-font blocky corporate one with “The Internet Phone Company” tagline:

new Vonage logo

To a friendly font huggy-V one with no tagline:

Skype LogoThe new logo more directly compares with the logo for Skype:

I don’t think it is wise for Vonage to try to compare themselves to Skype. Vonage works well right now, while skype is something for the future.