Sitewide GeoURL Implemented here

I've added GeoURL tags back to the site. using:

GeoURL Tags at The Aquinas Hub This is a really simple plugin to add GeoURL tags to your blog. It isn’t supposed to do anything more than that, but it’ll save you having to modify your header file everytime you change theme. This lets visitors to your site find other sites near you in ‘meatspace’.

You can see sites close to me in the real world. I was reminded that Gabrielle is living in Ottawa - I'll have to get in touch with her. Hmmm, it seems she's moved back to the Moncton area and hasn't updated her GeoTags.

I'd like to be able to tag specific posts with GeoLocations of some sort, but I'll have to investigate this further. I'm not sure that the GeoURL technology is the most appropriate for this.

Update:  May 9.  I've changed from the GeoURL plugin to the Geo plugin At the suggestion of Aquinas.  This plugin allows me to tag posts with different locations. GeoPlugin

The Geo plugin allows you to attach geographic coordinate information to posts. It also lets you specify a default geographic location for your entire WordPress blog.