Notes on WordPress presentation for Mugoo.

My presentation for Mugoo was not smiled upon by the demo gods - lots of problems, but I rolled with it, and my audience seemed happy with the information. Some comments/ followups for my presentation.

For Neil Herber: On the bottom of your "Write post" page you will see this:

WordPress bookmarklet

Right click on the following link and choose "Add to favorites" to create a posting shortcut.

Press It -

(don't bother pressing it - I've disabled it)
Products/sites mentioned: Wordpress sites: Download software at:, get a free blog at:

Another blogging product I'm told has good anti-spam features: Movable Type.

Tool that I've used and enjoyed for more fully featured CMS sites (Content management system) Drupal. Drupal does lots more than blogging so it is much more complex than WordPress that focusses on blogging and allows some static pages. People I know have not had good experience with Drupal's anti-spam features. Your mileage will vary.

More to come.