Working out.

You may never believe it. I've been going to the Gym almost every workday for more than a month. I've been taking Cassie to daycare for just after 7, and then I have about an hour for workout and shower before I have to head off to work. Weights 3 days a week, and cardio 2. I guess everything Mike and Mark taught me didn't go to waste - I've remembered a fair bit of the proper technique.

Cardio kicks my ass. I'm enjoying the recumbant bike, but I know I should be using the cross trainer. I tried the cross trainer one day and had to give up after 5 minutes, then I tried to finish up on the bike, but had to quit after just 6 more minutes - ARGH. I've tried the other way around - 20 mins on the bike and then I can do 7 on the X-trainer.

I complained a bit today at work that I didn't seem to be getting anywhere - I'm staying at the same weight on the machines - althought cardio is a bit better. My boss said that one of his trainers told him - "it took you quite a long time to get chubby...."

Foolishly I didn't do a lot of measurement baselines before I started so I'm a bit blurry about how I'm doing. Current goals are all about getting to the gym consistently and I'm very happy so far.