Boot Camp.

I'm using Boot Camp 1.1 at work - I'm supposed to use my MacBook in WinXP most of the time I'm in the office. I'm a Mac Expert, and I need to be able to support Mac OS 7 all the way to 10.4, on the Windows side we support XP. Since XP is where I'm weaker, I have to use it at work. Thankfully, my boss is frugal and when he saw that our companies standard Windows Laptop would cost us about twice as much as the MacBook I got the choice was clear - Cameron gets a MacBook. Admittedly the Windows Laptop would have had a bigger screen, a docking station, and an external monitor, but I'm very happy with the MacBook.

I've used Boot Camp 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.1 like most people I couldn't tell the difference between .01, and .02, but 1.1 was a lot better - in the MacBook I have an abbreviated keyboard - no windows delete key - just a Mac Delete/Windows ? key. That made hitting control-alt-delete (to log into the network) problemmatic. Windows has an alternate keystroke for getting the task manager up (force quit) - Ctrl-Shift-Esc, but without a real extended keyboard I could not hit control-alt-delete to log in until Boot Camp 1.1. It is now fn-ctrl-alt-delete. Right now Boot camp just works - choose on boot what OS to use (hold down option key to pick - similar to multi-booting lots of Linux/Win machines) and it happily is OS X, or Win XP. At work I have an IT department to make sure the firewall, and Anti-virus software is working.

The problem I'm still having with Boot camp is that sometimes when I re-boot it comes up with the wrong time - usually off by 4 hours - I'm guessing it has something to do with OSX and XP storing the Time zone differently so the computer gets confused. I haven't cared enough to really detail when this problem happens. On the windows side I have a boot script that double checks that the time is right if I'm at the office, In OSX "use network time" usually fixes me up.