Gymboree doesn't want our money.

Cassie's Daycare/Junior Kindergarten is going to uniforms soon.  It seems odd to me that four year olds will be wearing uniforms.  We just found out this week, and it is supposed to start in a couple of weeks time. Yesterday we spend a bunch of time scouring stores for navy bottoms and white tops.  It is an interesting challenge finding preschool sized uniform type clothes.  With reccomendation from the school we found lots of good stuff at Children's place, a good amount of stuff I found at Giant Tiger, but early research sent us to Gymboree to find some stuff - nope - it's all gone - try the website.

Sandra tried the Gymboree website and found some great stuff, sadly she was able to get stuff into her shopping cart, but was not able to actually buy anything using Safari.  Sandra fought with it for about 20 minutes.  I suggested Firefox, which allowed her to get further, but again stopped her before checkout.  She fought with the site for another 10 minutes and eventually got it to take her money.

Searching for School uniform wear online takes you to lots of sites that want your school ID so they can sell you exactly the right stuff, but it is hard to find places to sell you navy bottoms and white tops.