Cuts - Video player that lets you share EDLs

I just found Cuts today. It's vapour at the moment as far as I can tell, but the promise is to be able to mix and mash video up by sharing cut lists (EDLs - Edit Decision Lists). This way you need the original video, and the cut file to see it the way I intend it. This is low bandwidth, and possibly high creativity. It is a bit like a post I used to have on my site about a "Fantasy DVD player." I'll have to dig that post up if they seem to want to patent this. I hope it is cool. More: Today in the IMDb I read that this was possibly a "legal way to censor movies." Boring. Part of the message of YouTube is that MashUps are interesting to lots of people. Making video mashups easy and low-bandwidth is super interesting. Splicing in the "deleted" or "alternate" scenes from the extras on your DVD is interesting.

Cuts Press Release & AP Article -Sept 25, 2006.