Lunar Eclipse 2008

Lunar Eclipse 2008We all went out to see the Lunar Eclipse this week. I was sadly confused about how far I would have to drive to find a nice dark site. Of course you don't need a dark site to see an Eclipse, but for the rest of the experience it is nice to be able to see the stars too. We were able to show Cassie Orion and Sirius. I was sadly unable to find her eponymous constellation.

I was able to take these pictures hand held with my camera. Using the manual settings - including manual focus was a bit of a fight. Remember when taking pictures of the moon to use the sunny f/16 rule - on the Moon it's sunny right now - even if it is nighttime. After the Moon is in Shadow (the colorful part of the lunar Eclipse) you have to experiment, or bracket, or have a really good spot meter to get the exposure right. My camera couldn't get much image during totality - I think all of my pictures are during the lead up to totality.