For developers there are only one or two iPads

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 4.00.09 PM  

In Canada my math tells me there are 40 SKUs for the iPad.:

 (Silver + Space grey)  (iPad Air + iPad Mini Retina) (16GB + 32GB + 64 GB + 128 GB) (Wifi + Cellular) = 32 (Silver + Dark)  (iPad 2 + iPad Mini) (Wifi + Cellular) = 8

To developers 40 iPad SKUs doesn't matter.  Almost all don't care how large the storage is on the device.  So let's rewrite our SKU equation to remove the storage parts on the top A7 line.:

(Silver + Dark)   (iPad Air + iPad Mini Retina + iPad 2 + iPad Mini) (Wifi + Cellular) = 16

To developers 16 iPads don't matter.  Almost all don't care if their app runs on a light or dark device.  Rewrite with the colours removed and merge the A5 and A7 lines.:

 (iPad Air + iPad Mini Retina + iPad 2 + iPad Mini)  (Wifi + Cellular) = 8

So now we have 8.  3 important dimensions for an iPad developer.  Each dimension has 2 values.  Size small or big; processor kinda fast or super fast; and network while indoors, or everywhere.

Depending on the application those dimensions might not matter.